Live @ Five Book

Live @ Five

A washed-up network TV news correspondent hires a topless dancer to be his co-anchor in a small town, strikes a deal with a bank robber on a mission and manufactures a made-for-TV news story at an old folks home to resurrect his career. This hilarious spoof is a clash of love, lust and questionable ethics in the cutthroat business of TV news where payback is a bitch, and sometimes she carries a microphone.

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The Patterer Book

The Patterer

It's 1765. Leeds Merriweather is a common sreet patterer, working the sidewalks of London, reporting on events of the day to anyone who will pay. In his own words, Leeds recounts how he became history's first news broadcaster when he assembles a zany cast of characters to create a live news performance that looks suspiciously like today's TV newscasts. It is a wickedly funny romp back in time proving that, in the world of news reporting, nothing has changed but technology.

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