Boring facts:

Born and raised in San Jose, CA. Life began in 1955.

Journalism degree from San Jose State University (Go Spartans!)

Spent 25 years as a TV news anchor in Oregon, California, Colorado and Texas.

Two novels published in 2013. Third one is under construction.

Cool facts:

Once kicked out of a mob-connected casino for (allegedly) counting cards to win money at the blackjack table.

Flew with the Air Force Thunderbirds only 100 feet off the floor of a valley in Colorado. Upside down!

Interviewed two U.S. Presidents (41 and 43) and a handful of wanna-bes.

Hung out and had drinks at home with author James Michener.

Got defense attorney Johnny Cochran to admit on TV (after the fact) that he didn't believe O.J. Simpson was innocent.

Favorite fiction authors:

Dead: Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Westlake and Wodehouse.
Living: Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Buckley, Christopher Moore and Nick Hornby.

Non-boring details:

Uhm, let me get back to you on that one. But, please, if you want to know more I'd type until my fingers cramped on the computer keyboard if necessary to answer your email at, or check out our Q&A on YouTube here.