Larry Brill. He's been telling stories in one form or another since he was old enough to string fibs together.


Pencil on paper in a Big Chief tablet. Ink on newsprint for the school paper. Words blending seamlessly with video and broadcast to reach you from your television. After 25 years as a TV news anchor, and finally freed from the constraints of objective journalism, Larry has unleashed his wicked sense of humor, delighting fans with worlds full of quirky characters, outrageous developments, warped motivations and rib-tickling results. In other words, a day like any other in the TV newsroom. It was damned good training for a fiction writer.


Building on the success of our two novels skewering the TV news business, we now have a very short, collection of odd-ball advice from some of the greatest characters of television sit-coms. 10 Lessons I Learned from Gilligan, Mr. Ed and Primetime TV. And you can get a FREE copy of the eBook version by clicking on the cover on the left.


Having won the contest to intentionally write the worst opening sentence to an imaginary novel, and by doing so achieving the title of "Worst Writer in America," our blog celebrates reading and writing on the lighter side of literature.