The Printer and the Strumpet

Strange Bedfellows Indeed!

Leeds Merriweather is the British-born newspaper printer in 1773 Boston who is trying to stay neutral amidst the growing tension between the colonies and Mother England. Sally Hughes is the strumpet who has captured his heart, a rebel American prostitute who gathers information about British military secrets and Tory government scandals from her clients at Boston's infamous Flagg Alley Bordello. She begins to feed those scoops to Leeds in order to gin up opposition to the governor and the British king, and Leeds reluctantly agrees to publish them anonymously by creating a news broadsheet-The Watertown Times Forger.  (aka: WTF).

From the Boston Tea Party to the battle of Lexington, the pair have to dodge military police who want to hang them for treason. When they fall in love as they nudge the colonies closer to war, the larger question may be how they can keep from strangling each other over political differences before the shooting starts. Historical fiction has never been this funny.

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“A sharp, media-centric satire set in a rebellious America, The Printer and The Strumpet is a fun and satisfying read.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“The Printer and The Strumpet is a novel that offers a particularly clever view of the nation’s first birth pangs, told in a lively, fast-paced style bound to attract readers.”

— BlueInk Reviews

“I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much over a historical book, much less one about a topic usually treated with such reverence.”

— Portland Book Reviews

Larry Brill 

The only author in America who has won an award for writing the worst opening sentence to a novel and a second award for writing the best romantic comedy of 2019. From worst to first, it’s all funny, feel-good fiction.

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