Live at Five

Halfway between Fresno and Hell at KDOA-TV

Live at Five is a hilarious lampooning of the TV news business.

Hunter Riley, a washed-up former network news anchor, has worked his way down the ladder of success. After a series of jobs at increasingly smaller cities, he hits rock bottom running a small-time newsroom at KDOA-TV in Bakersfield, California. The news operation there is even more depressing than his personal misfortunes. So Hunter hires a nightclub stripper to anchor the newscast and manufactures a crisis at an old folks home, exploiting sex appeal and a combustible news story to revive his career and save a small town news operation from the ratings graveyard.

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4.5 stars on Amazon

“It's a book that touches the reader, not by pulling the cheap shots that TV news pulls, but by creating some fun characters that actually come to life in this quick read.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable look at TV news behind the screen. Lots of laughs! If you're looking for a fun beach read then this is the book for you.”

“Larry Brill is an absolute master when it comes to satire, and I guarantee, you'll laugh out loud at his obviously insider's view and colorful depiction of what goes on in the zany, surreal world of TV news broadcasting.”

Larry Brill 

The only author in America who has won an award for writing the worst opening sentence to a novel and a second award for writing the best romantic comedy of 2019. From worst to first, it’s all funny, feel-good fiction.

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