A Genie, A Wish & A Retreat to Better Fiction

My Novel-In-Progress (NIP) is full of baby-boomer nostalgia. Do you remember the TV show I dream of Jeanie? You are showing your age. But if I could conjure up a genie, and a wish to be granted by a hottie like Barbara Eden, I’d have one for writers. It would be to give them the time and resources to attend an extended retreat and escape their daily lives for a week or a long weekend and focus on their craft.

That nasty day job that pays the bills pulled me away early from the Writers’ Retreat Workshop in San Antonio this year. So I asked the very talented, soon-to-be published author, Camille Di Maio to fill me in on what I missed.



Writers Retreat Workshop 2015
By Camille Di Maio

The Setting

We were psychologists, realtors, nuclear scientists, grocery store cashiers, and ex-cons. We hailed from Texas, Utah, Florida, Canada and Korea. We wrote romance, horror, suspense, literary tales, and in a category all its own

4 thoughts on “A Genie, A Wish & A Retreat to Better Fiction

  1. Corina

    I miss going to writing retreats and workshops. I used to do it when I lived in Los Angeles but I haven’t been to one in over a decade. I think that it’s the sense of community with all of the other attendees that lends workshops with that energy and momentum that we need. A kick in the butt if you will.

    When you find that genie (I think you have to go to a beach in Floriday, though) make sure to include me in that wish so I can attend a retreat or workshop here and there.

    1. Larry

      Did you know that NBC wrote into Barbara Eden’s contract that her outfit would have to cover her navel?
      Same was true of Annette Funicello (who makes a cameo appearance in my NIP) in her Beach movies. No risque navel shots.
      I think even the oranges were censored.

      1. Corina

        I actually had heard that but what they did was let the navel “show” but it was filled in with a flesh colored “plug”. That wasn’t long after shows like I Love Lucy in which Lucy and Ricky had to have separate twin beds for the show. Then there was the “one foot on the floor” rule and rules about how long a kiss could be. Also, if you think back to Gilligan’s Island, which was a year or so before I Dream Of Jeannie, Ginger and Mary Ann were not allowed to show their belly buttons, either. Even though Ginger’s outfits showed a lot of cleavage, the belly button had to be covered. I believe there was also some regulation against showing the toilet in any scenes, too.

        1. Larry Brill Post author

          We’ve come a long way, and sometimes I think too far. I like leaving something for the imagination.


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