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Virtual Tour: The Patterer (historical fiction)

Dateline: October 11, 2013

It’s day eleven of the Great Patterer Virtual Book Tour. This has been a fun experience and a bit eye-opening. I’ve been looking at the book from an entirely different perspective. As someone who makes his living by creating marketing videos for others, it was a strange experience to turn the camera on myself to create the video trailer for The Patterer.

Now we’re halfway through the virtual book tour. We posted some pretty good blogs on great sites so far, and there are some interesting sites to come. Here’s the full list:


patterer coverBlue

10/1 – 10/14 GoodReads
Make a comment, enter to win a copy of The Patterer

10/2 English Epochs 101
A synopsis

10/3 – 10/17 So Many Books, So Little Time
A book giveaway

10/4 Page 99 Test
Read page 99 only of a novel and vote to read more

10/7 Fresh Fiction Blog
A guest post and book giveaway

10/8 – 10/14 English History Authors Blog
A book giveaway

10/8 English History Authors Blog
Really cool blog article about the real patterers of the 18th century

10/8 Historical Fiction Daily
Blogging about the life of a patterer

10/9 Examiner US
A review, events and link to the book video

10/10 Unusual Historicals
An excerpt
10/13 Unusual Historicals
An interview

10/14 Straight from Hel
An article on writers fight procrastination and a giveaway

10/15- 10/28 The Celebrity Caf

Words for Baby Boomers

Dateline: August 10, 2013

Warning: A really bad but funny sentence sits at the bottom of this post. The winner of the Adventure Category from the 2013 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. Skip ahead or stay with us to the bottom. It will make you laugh.

So here we are in San Jose this weekend, awash in a wave of nostalgia after attending my high school reunion. Yes, it was the class of 1973. No, you are not reading that wrong, I really am that, uhm, mature. I’m part of that aging, (though young at heart) financially powerful and influential baby boomer generation. And we have arrived. Here